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Primary Contact

In this busy, ever changing world, we’re bound to lose touch with family and friends, even if it is for a short time. With all the technology, it makes it easier to stay in touch. Long gone are the days of writing a letter and sending it by snail mail. Now it’s all emails, posting and instant messaging.

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Given the advanced technological circumstances, how do people prefer to keep in touch? According to an Ipsos survey, forty-four percent of those surveyed say that talking on the phone is their primary way of staying in touch with family and friends. It’s good to know, that picking up the phone and calling is still around. Eighteen percent say that text messaging is their preference of choice when it comes to staying connected. It’s short, simple, convenient and saves you from leaving a voicemail.

One can argue it’s become fairly easier to stay in touch and social media proves that. Looking up someone on your friend’s list is simple and liking or commenting on their posts is sufficient to ‘staying in touch’ – not too hard at all. Social media is a visual form of interaction that provides an instant connection. Although it seems that social media is ideal in connecting with family and friends, the survey shows only eleven percent of people stay in touch via social networking. Emails come in slightly higher at twelve percent. The drawback to emails may be that sifting through junk and spam mail isn’t very fun.

I personally use all mediums to stay in touch with family and friends. It doesn’t really matter what channel you use, as long as you’re in touch! What’s your primary way of staying in touch? Are you a phone person, a texter or a liker? Share in our comments section below!

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